Valmont Foundations

Skin by Olga is proud to be the first Irish salon to introduce Valmont, the acclaimed Swiss skincare line, to her clients. This institution has a long standing international reputation for leading research and development into the science of skin. Experts of the anti aging process, they tailor their methodology and cellular cosmetics to offer instant and lasting results.

Inspired by the pristine surroundings of the Swiss alps, pure air and sparkling glaciers, Valmont’s laboratories harness these crystalline aspects of nature’s beauty into elixirs your skin can truly embody.

Their science of cellulotherapy delves deep into the epidermis’ cells to discover the secrets of youth and how to effectively delay the aging process and boost cell regeneration. Their results are a series of rituals, involving bespoke products enriched with glacial spring waters and crafted formulas that literally feed the epidermis.

Your results will be purified, glowing and grateful skin.