Senior Therapist at Skin By Olga

In Hungary, we have natural spas due to our mineral rich landscape, so women have developed a culture of wellbeing.

Beauty secrets and methods are passed down from generation to generation and I have always been fascinated by how my own mother took care of her skin. I loved watching her beauty rituals and this inspired me a lifetime passion for skincare.


After graduating from a prestigious Hungarian beauty school, I was interested to learn more about skincare on a global level and have spent the last 12 years working internationally in leading salons in Dubai, Vienna and now Dublin.

Our skin is our largest organ, which changes throughout our life and even on a daily basis. It really deserves our care and attention. I believe that the power of cutting edge brands such as Biologique Recherche and Valmont combined with a bespoke approach to skin care can produce transformative results. This is very much the philosophy at Skin by Olga so I am delighted to be working with a salon aligned with these principles. I love absorbing Olga’s skincare mastery and am always inspired by our continuous training with the top European brands we represent.

I look forward to treating you in Skin by Olga!



Manager at Skin By Olga

I come from a beautiful region of south Poland and studied at one of the most prestigious universities in Poland, “Jagielloński University” in Cracow. I came to Ireland for a few months to improve my English, and those months turned into the last 6 years! I gave birth to my beloved son here and am happy to call Dublin my home. From a young age I loved beautiful things, especially flowers and art. I was a florist in my hometown and also loved interior design and decorating. Nowadays I develop my decorating skills through baking cakes and cookies, especially with my little helper. My 4 year old loves our baking time and we delight in making birthday cakes for family and friends.

I am a highly organised person, even to the extent of annoying my husband as to how the cups should be arranged! I pride myself in knowing where everything is and in my experience, this always comes in useful. I also spent time as a flight attendant, which is a very interesting side of customer service. I use both my passions here at Skin By Olga. I love organising the diary in a very personal way for our clients as I know our bespoke approach requires an intimate realtionship and attention to detail with our client requirements. Facial regularity and product knowledge is important in order to provide the right support for both our customers and our therapists.

I love when we have created the full experience for our clients, from beautiful skin to a beautiful salon. I enjoy enhancing that idea through our customer service, personal touches and the serene and special atmosphere we like to maintain here in the salon.


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