Great skin starts on the inside

We can select the best products and be very disciplined about the way we use them, however if we are not doing the same thing for our epidermis on the other side, then it simply won’t hold up. Our skin cells are manufactured inside the body.

Therefore what we put inside our bodies has an impact.

Global pandemics are not conducive to great skin! We are facing a multitude of new challenges; staying indoors more often with increased heating makes our skin dehydrated, home-schooling and working from home causes us stressful breakouts.


The key to perfection lies in paying attention to both sides of the story.


We are probably drinking too much tea and coffee to get through the days and who hasn’t bake one too many banana breads over the past year?

Increased caffeine, gluten and sugars dehydrate and clog up our skin cells. 

Let’s not even get started on masks…. I for one am having more breakouts and rosacea flare-ups.

Even my husband was willing to try out our new Oxygen facemask with me on the weekend!


So what can we do?

There are simple things that make a huge difference. Please ensure you are taking Vitamin D- it’s great for skin especially at this time of year and also for general immunity. Get outside! No matter what the weather there is no substitute for natural oxygen. Go to a park or area where there are trees and stay close to them, hug them!

Trees are generous oxygen givers.

I always feel better when I’m around them and so do my kids.

It’s hard to remember to drink as much water when it’s cold so make an effort; fill a large jug with water and pop in some lemon, fruit or mint so it’s more appealing to return to during the day. Try to replace some of the home baking recipes with healthier ingredients and make an effort to source local and fresh food that retain their natural vitamin and mineral content.

If you have to wear a mask for most of the day, please give yourself breaks outdoors as much as possible. We are just stepping into the first days of Spring, and while it doesn’t yet feel like it, soon we will be stepping out in the sunshine. There is no better time than now to put these new regimes in place.


Our bodies, our minds and our skin, will thank us for it!

Don’t forget to give yourself more masks than usual with the challenges we face.

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With much love, Olga x