Cleansing our skin is THE most important part of our skincare regime.

Yes! THE most important part. Correctly cleansed skin is the foundation (literally) on which to place our next products, SFP, makeup etc. If we don’t get this part right, the rest of our carefully selected regime will NOT be able to do their jobs properly. Worse than this, incorrect use can actually damage the skin also.

I always recommend a double cleanse in the evening, and once again in the morning.

I like to apply cleanser with my fingers and take an opportunity to gently massage the facial muscles for a few minutes. After this I use damp cotton wool with cold water for removal and I love a splash of cold water on the face as a final touch. The double cleanse at night is essential for removal of all the day’s product and pollutants and then again in the morning as the epidermis works overnight producing secretions and allowing more pollutants to come to the surface. Look at your cotton wool pad after your morning cleanse to witness how much what your skin does overnight!

Your cleanser product is crucial.

Naturally I recommend that this is carefully selected to suit your skin type. If we use the wrong cleanser, we could risk actually stripping the skin of it’s valuable protective layers, or else we could be selecting a cleaner that actually leaves a layer still sitting on top of your epidermis, ensuring disaster for the application of your next products! I believe using the wrong type of cleanser can actually be our biggest mistakes in skincare. However, when we get this right, we really gift ourselves the optimum conditions for our skin and the products we choose to use after.

There are many types of cleansers available. As a general note, gels and foams are better suited to younger, perhaps acne-prone skin as they actually strip the skin clean. Suitable for oily and sebum-producing epidermis. However most unsuitable if you have sensitive skin. I remember in my teen years using a very harsh cleanser which stripped and dehydrated my skin. My thinking was that it would remove acne-prone patches whereas it did the opposite! By radically dehydrating my skin, I was asking my body to produce MORE oil, which in turn created acne – talk about mixed messages!

Cleansing milk is my all time favourite medium and this is actually suitable for all skin types.

It keeps balance and hydration to the skin. Here at the salon we have a wide-range of milks and would love to personally advise you.

Biologique Recherche cleansers are always a winner and have created 3 options.

Lait U – is suitable for younger, acne-prone and more sensitive skins

Lait VIP O2 – is a revelation for city-living. Specially designed to be anti-pollution and oxygenating, this is a secret weapon when your skin faces harsh or busy environments.

Lait E.V. – is particularly nourishing and hydrating. It has a rich formula with cellular extracts which ensure an extra protective layer for your skin.

Valmont cleansers have an extra touch of luxury and exotic names, designed in consistency to work with your skin’s daily activities and other product usage – I love to use these on my skin as an extra treat and imagine I am cleansing my skin under a tropical waterfall!

Bubble Falls – this is an incredibly gentle foam that does no stripping away. Fantastic for men and also anyone who doesn’t wear make up.

Icy Falls  – is fantastic for summer when we are wearing lighter to no makeup.

Wonder Fallsis thicker and richer, an exquisite cleanser for those who enjoy wearing make up

Fluid Falls – another way to treat your face, this cleanser actually works for everyone, makeup or not.


As a general rule, I do not like oil-based cleansers. However the exception to this is for the eyes where we are using a myriad of stickier make up products. Biologique Recherche make a wonderful one called Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux. This is my go to, especially after a night out!



Please promise to never wash your skin in the shower as the hot water damages our face and my other pet hate is cleansing wipes! Even though they are a tempting quick-fix.

I assure you the long-term damage is not worth it. Wipes actually pull and drag the make-up off your face and can aggravate our epidermis, we couldn’t pick anything meaner to do to our skin after a long day!

I hope I have given you some clarity on cleansers! I cannot stress enough how important the right one is, so get in touch with us and let us help. Really looking forward to treating you back in the salon again soon!

  Olga xxx